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Check out the amazing cover art for Brian Yuzna's Society UK Blu-ray

Brian Yuzna's insane 1989 horror comedy SOCIETY is being released on Blu-ray in the UK at the end of March, and the fantastic cover art must be seen to be believed. A movie this grotesque needs deserves art this cleverly over-the-top; give it a peek below. One can only pray that this morbid movie will get a similar Region 1 release in the near future. Billy ( is a just a...
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Is Brian Yuzna gearing up for Society 2?!

Brian Yuzna's SOCIETY is a truly unique experience; a grotesque dark comedy/horror film that contains one of the most out-of-control third acts you'll ever see. Honestly, if you've never experienced the film - and it's not easy to do now, since it's out of print - you should make it a priority to track it down, somehow, someway. And DON'T read anything about it; it's more "enjoyable" that...
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