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Face-Off: They Live vs. Society

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but the presidential election was recently held in the United States. It was a long, tumultuous, exhausting build up to election day, and many couldn't wait for it all to be over with. A week later, we are still within that tumultuous time, so this seems like the appropriate week to take a look at John Carpenter's 1988 film THEY LIVE and Brian Yuzna's SOCIETY...
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Society (Unseen Halloween Returns Review)

Last October, Arrow in the Head presented a column called UNSEEN HALLOWEEN , in which the staff recommended movies that are by and large very obscure. This year, UNSEEN HALLOWEEN RETURNS! But with a twist! Each writer is now tackling a very popular horror movie that has somehow eluded them throughout the years. Yeah, we expect to hear it from you guys, but so what! It's Halloweentime,...
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Necessary Evil: Humanity, an alien invasion horror flick!

Hello again, my friends! It's time for another installment of horror that has to happen! Really appreciated hearing people's thought on our last Haunted House Necessary Evil . This Friday marks the end of the 20 year gap between 1996's Independence Day and it's long-awaited sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence . Hence with aliens invading Earth on our minds,...
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DVD/BLU-RAY RELEASE DATES: September & October 2015!

As hard as it is to believe, summer is just about over. We say it all the time, but damn is this year going by fast! No worries, though, we're entering Fall, and you know what that means! Yep, it's time to start prepping for Halloween! So now is a good time to update our  GENRE DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES section! And boy, we've got some goodies on the horizon. Among many...
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Here we go, folks! Headlong into spring and a new season of warm weather discs to enjoy, so let's take a look at our updated GENRE DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES section! In April,  THE BABADOOK  will finally rear its ugly head in your home, while across the way you can take a peek at THE BOY NEXT DOOR . Most notable: Snake Plisskin returns from the dead thanks to...
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Arrow Video USA reveals upcoming titles, including Brian Yuzna's Society!

Arrow Video has been one of the best suppliers of genre releases in the UK and now the recently launched Arrow Video USA is poised to bring us some truly great titles to North American Blu-ray over the next few months, including some long unavailable horror titles that should excite many of you! Below you'll find the cover art and info on several Arrow Video USA titles that...
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Check out the amazing cover art for Brian Yuzna's Society UK Blu-ray

Brian Yuzna's insane 1989 horror comedy SOCIETY is being released on Blu-ray in the UK at the end of March, and the fantastic cover art must be seen to be believed. A movie this grotesque needs deserves art this cleverly over-the-top; give it a peek below. One can only pray that this morbid movie will get a similar Region 1 release in the near future. Billy ( is a just a...
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Is Brian Yuzna gearing up for Society 2?!

Brian Yuzna's SOCIETY is a truly unique experience; a grotesque dark comedy/horror film that contains one of the most out-of-control third acts you'll ever see. Honestly, if you've never experienced the film - and it's not easy to do now, since it's out of print - you should make it a priority to track it down, somehow, someway. And DON'T read anything about it; it's more "enjoyable" that...
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