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Peep 2 new clips from the UK slasher joint Comedown

Up for review in a few days will be COMEDOWN , a UK slasher flick finally set for VOD release on August 5th. To help get you primed and pumped for said release, check out the fresh pair of clips from the hardened-horror joint below! Directed by Menhaj Huda (KIDULTHOOD), the film finds Anderson playing one of six friends all of whom have known each other from childhood. They...
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Soak up the trailer for Menhaj Huda's UK horror flick Comedown!

Have you yet COMEDOWN from the holiday high?! Well here's round two. Back in June, distro-news for Menhaj Huda's UK horror flick COMEDOWN flooded in, pretty much everywhere but the U.S. Well, we finally have a trailer for the shut-in horror joint. We've also learned the flick will hit DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download on January 28th. Only a month away yo! Starring Adam...
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