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Full synopsis for The Boy, starring Lauren Cohan

Back in January it was announced Lauren Cohan ("The Walking Dead's" Maggie) had been cast in the horror film THE BOY , about a woman who is put in charge of looking after a life-sized doll. Creepy concept with a stunning and talented leading lady? I'm sold. Now production has officially commenced on the project, which is being helmed by William Brent Bell ( THE DEVIL INSIDE )....
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Jane Levy going to A Dark Place

"Suburgatory" star Jane Levy, who will next be delighting and terrifying fans in her role of Mia in the upcoming EVIL DEAD remake, has just signed on for another genre film, scoring the leading role in Bharat Nalluri's horror thriller IN A DARK PLACE. IN A DARK PLACE is a psychological thriller focused around a young American governess, played by Levy, who goes to London to take care...
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