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Necessary Evil: The Monster Squad Sequel!

Greetings, my horror-loving friends and welcome back to round 3 of our new Necessary Evil column. I had fun messing around with the whole horror-on-a-holiday trope with our last Necessary Evil and hope that you did too. For today's idea entry, we would like to continue to feed our Halloween spirit as our favorite holiday is rapidly approaching by bringing up a classic film...
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Face-Off: The Lost Boys Vs. From Dusk Till Dawn

We had some fun with our last Halloween-themed Face-Off with a slight edge going to HALLOWEEN II as the better sequel over part IV. I agree with that. This week, with the finale release of the lamest, most pathetic, absolute worst vampire movie series, Twatlight , we decided to do the collective horror community a favor and shell out two prime examples of what makes a great vampire...
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