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Trailer for zombie comedy Stalled brings the apocalypse to the bathroom

If you thought there were no more angles to be explored in the world of zombies, STALLED aims to change your mind. Evidently the indie from the UK takes place entirely within a ladies room. Think of it as NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD in the loo. With laughs. It's Christmas Eve and a soon to be shit-canned maintenance man (DAN PALMER) is changing light bulbs and cleaning toilets, instead...
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Enter the ladies restroom in teaser for British zom-com Stalled!

Ho Ho Hoes a plenty reign supreme in the new teaser trailer for STALLED , Christian James' yuletide zom-com. We have it below as a perfect stirrer of the holiday season. So do wise and drink that shite up at once! Starring Dan Palmer (who wrote), Tamaryn Payne ('Hollyoaks'), Mark Holden ('Final Destination') and Antonia Bernath ('Elvis', 'St.Trinians'): It's Christmas Eve...
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