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Fede Alvarez goes retro with his own Don't Breathe poster design

The one year anniversary of the release of Fede Alvarez's home invasion horror movie DON'T BREATHE is coming up in a couple months, and I figured any news that might break regarding the movie at this point would be something about the sequel that Alvarez assures us is going to happen. But now Alvarez has kept the DON'T BREATHE conversation going in a different way,...
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Exclusive: Tricia Helfer stalked in new Isolation clip

Nice. This is my first time hearing about the upcoming horror-thriller ISOLATION, but call me intrigued as f*ck. The film stars BATTLESTAR GALACTICA's Tricia Helfer (see below) and Stephen Lang ( DON'T BREATHE ). That's a hell of a pairing! One an extra cool note, today here at AITH have an EXCLUSIVE clip to show you guys from the film. The clip showcases...
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It's the Booze Talkin': The Academy should show these horror stars some love

A couple of years back we here at AITH were raising the question as to why horror is so rarely under major award consideration - you can check that out here . Clearly there are a ton of cheesy flicks with questionable performances, but over the past few years we’ve had some really powerful work from very talented actors. Whether we are talking Vera Farmiga in THE CONJURING or the...
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Raimi says Alvarez's Don't Breathe 2 idea is the greatest sequel idea ever

The Fede Alvarez-directed, Sam Raimi-produced film DON'T BREATHE provided a great theatrical viewing experience and was packed with suspense and violence that had my heart pounding at times. It was also a box office success, earning over $150 million worldwide on a budget just under $10 million. Combine that with the fact that the film didn't have the most definitive...
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You can watch ten minutes of Don't Breathe right now!

DON'T BREATHE hit VOD yesterday, and to entice new viewers (as if anybody hasn't already seen Fede Alvarez's horror hit) the first 10 minutes of the film are now available in full online for free! Studios are really stepping up their online promotional material lately. Check out the video below and see if you're not compelled to rewatch the whole thing just  one...
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Exclusive: Featurette explores the visual style of Don't Breathe

In a summer full of great horror releases, Fede Alvarez's DON'T BREATHE was still a thrilling standout. In anticipation of its release on VOD tomorrow, November 8th, we have an exclusive featurette to share with you! A clip that explores the style and lighting of the film with Alvarez and cinematographer Pedro Luque, it's a short but sweet clip that helps get you in...
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Don't Breathe to knock the wind out of you on home video this November

DON'T BREATHE , one of this summer's surprising proliferation of horror hits, can join your collection this Fall, to add a bit of fright to your post-Halloween comedown. It will hit VOD on  November 8th  and Blu-Ray and DVD  November 29th , with the physical copies including a whopping  eight  deleted scenes along with a director's...
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Necessary Evil: Don't Breathe Sequel!

Welcome back, my friends in horror! It feels like our beloved genre is currently in a very good place. The great Kevin Bacon showed some keen interest in playing Freddy Krueger which inspired our last Necessary Evil . It was very cool reading everyone's comments on that one. And now, we have a brand new horror movie out in theaters that is kicking ass both critically and...
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Don't Breathe scares up a $26 million opening weekend

I'm always glad to see it when a horror movie hits #1 at the weekend box office, regardless of whether or not I'm interested in seeing that particular horror movie in the theatre. It is even better when it's a movie I'm rooting for, though, so I was very happy to see that Fede Alvarez's home invasion horror DON'T BREATHE opened at #1 this past weekend,...
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We Interview Fede Alvarez, Stephen Lang and the cast of Don't Breathe!

I am a huge fan of Fede Alvarez and his take on EVIL DEAD. It was bloody, suspensful and pretty damn inventive. It also happened to be one of my favorite horror films the year it came out. In his latest, he may not be going for the gore, but it doesn't need any of that to be one of the scariest films of the year. DON'T BREATHE is a terrifying tale of three young people who...
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Don't Breathe (Movie Review)

PLOT: A trio of young Detroit thugs attempt to pilfer $300,00 in cash from a blind, shut-in war vet. But when they break into his house, a simple plan backfires with unintended lethality. REVIEW: After acquitting himself as more than a promising short-form filmmaker with the thankless task of aptly re-envisioning Sam Raimi's cult-classic EVIL DEAD, Uruguayan writer/director...
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There's nowhere to hide in this tense Don't Breathe clip

In this new clip from the summer thriller  DON'T BREATHE , you could cut the tension with a knife. Which our villain Stephen Lang certainly has on him. As poor Dylan Minnette searches for an escape route, the camera follows him like a shark, swooping through the narrow hallways and relishing the silence. I'm crazy excited to catch this one, and you will be...
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