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Famke Janssen and Michael Nyqvist know Every Good Boy Does Fine

Famke Janssen (TAKEN) and Michael Nyqvist (JOHN WICK) have joined the serial killer thriller EVERY GOOD BOY DOES FINE , which will mark the English language debut of Finnish filmmaker AJ Annila (JADE WARRIOR, SAUNA). Steve Buscemi is a producer on the project, as are Wren Arthur, Jana Edelbaum and Rachel Cohen. Written by Jonathan Dees, EVERY GOOD BOY DOES FINE is a taut thriller...
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The Test of Time: Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990)

We all have movies we love. Movies we respect without question because of either tradition, childhood love, or because they’ve always been classics. However, as time keeps ticking, do those classics still hold up? So…the point of this here column is whether of not a film stands the test of time. I’m not gonna question whether it’s still a good flick, but if the...
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