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It's the Booze Talkin', They'd better not f*ck up The Shining sequel!

Who will ever forget the first time they witnessed THE SHINING. This masterwork from the legendary Stanley Kubrick is a terrifying journey that features an iconic performance from Jack Nicholson, and some of the creepiest imagery you will ever see - blood gushing out of that elevator still creeps me out. This 1980 classic is on many a cinephile’s list of favorites, but not everybody...
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Kristen Bell to make a disembodied cameo on iZombie

iZombie , which recently received a six episode vote of confidence from CW, has just scored a pretty big guest appearance. Kristen Bell will drop by the studio to provide a voice-only cameo for the upcoming episode “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter,” which will emerge from the grave on January 26th.  In the episode, "things get interesting for Liv...
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First clip from Josh Stolberg's Crawlspace starring David Koechner

You can catch Josh Stolberg's CRAWLSPACE on Hulu right now, but if you’d like to get a little taste of the thriller before you check it out then we’ve got you covered with this new clip featuring David Koechner. Stolberg, who is best known as the writer of PIRAHNA 3D and SORORITY ROW , directs CRAWLSPACE, which stars Steven Weber, Lori Loughlin, Jonathan Silverman, David...
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Hulu Plus nabs Crawlspace, from Piranha 3D writer Josh Stolberg

It's been almost two years since we last heard any word on Josh Stolberg's CRAWLSPACE, with our last report coming back in July of 2012 when we shared the poster for the home invasion flick with you. Now Variety is reporting that Hulu Plus has picked up the film from digital studio Vuguru, where it will debut on their streaming platform in the coming weeks. Stolberg,...
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