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First trailer, images from Edward Furlong-starring supernatural shocker Stitch

We first wrote about STITCH in March of 2011 , and finally got word on what to expect from the film when we learned its synopsis and got a look at the first poster for the flick back in March of last year, but it has been relatively quiet on the STITCH front since then. That changes today as we have a look at the films trailer (which actually looks quite creepy!) as well as a handful...
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Promo poster and synopsis for Edward Furlong-led horror flick Stitch

We first wrote about STITCH in March of 2011 , and it doesn't look like we've touched it since. But today a promo poster for the Adrian Ajai Mathai-directed film has arrived, accompanied by a detailed synopsis. This one stars Edward Furlong, who will always be an interesting screen presence, despite his various problems off camera. Grieving parents Marsden (Edward Furlong) and...
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