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Top 10 Creepy Movie Clowns!

Clowns. What the hell is it about clowns that are so damn scary? Is it the pale makeup? The rosy cheeks? The interminable grin? The big red nose? The humongous shoes? Or really, is it the notion of corrupted innocence...the eroded trust of a childhood entertainer gone horribly awry? Well, where ever the deep seeded fear derives from, horror movies have capitalized on such a phobia by turning...
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AITH Podcast: Fright Night 2, plus our Killer Clown show!

LISTEN TO THE AITH PODCAST NOW! Blood Bullets & Broads: The AITH Podcast kicks off the official first podcast of October right with our Killer Clown theme show! We talk all things killer clown movies, including KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE (8:14), STEPHEN KING'S IT, POLTERGEIST, DRIVE-THRU, CLOWN TOWN (18:55), and STITCHES (25:37), with dips into HOUSE OF...
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Bloody new red band trailer for killer clown horror Stitches

Coulrophobia: the fear of clowns. Don't act like you don't have it. If that little evil bastard from POLTERGEIST didn't do it for you, then Tim Curry's take on Pennywise in IT most certainly should have. I don't know what it is about clowns, but I'll go out of my way to avoid one. Especially if he's weilding a big ass kitchen knife! We've covered director Conor McMahon's killer clown...
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Stitches gets a theatrical trailer for upcoming U.S. release

Getting ready for its Blu-ray and DVD release this coming April is the UK slasher hit STITCHES and we now have the first U.S. trailer for you guys to check out. As if we need more of a reason to be scared clowns, STITCHES blends horror and comedy in this hilarious looking slasher film out of Dark Sky Films. World renowned British standup comedian Ross Noble stars as a murderous kids'...
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Get Stitches on April Fools day!

First of all, no one should ever trust their life around grown ass men wearing rainbow colored pants. Clowns have been the subject for a lot of horror films over the years simply because they are pure nightmare fuel that legitimately scare the living day shits out of people. The red nose, wild hair and creepy smile make for the perfect horror villain which is why this latest news from Dark...
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Stitches slashes up store shelves in February

I don't know about you guys, but clowns freak my sh*t out. This is why I can't seem to stay away from coulrophobic movies. KILLERS KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE, Stephen King's IT, and CLOWNHOUSE are all films that give me the willies. Hopefully I can add Irish comedian Ross Noble's horror vehicle, STITCHES, to that list next year. The acclaimed comedy slasher hits shelves February...
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