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Five Horror Movies to Stream On Netflix This Christmas

Five Horror Movies to Stream On Netflix This Christmas Let's just get this out of the way right off the top. Sure this list should have been "Five Christmas Horror Movies to Stream on Netflix". But take a look through the streaming service's horror collection and you will see their Christmas Horror movie selection is extremely lacking. Too bad. That said, I...
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The Mist TV series now streaming on Netflix

Last month we let you guys know that Spike had canceled their TV series based on Stephen King's THE MIST after only one season. Back then we also told you that the one and only season of Spike's THE MIST was going to be hitting Netflix this Halloween, and today is that day.  Yes, you can stream all 10 episodes of THE MIST right now on Netflix. Enjoy! What do you think of...
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AITH Recommends: The Transfiguration on Netflix

We're back again here at AITH with a Netflix recommend for this Halloween season. This time we want to take a moment and let you guys know you should check out THE TRANSFIGURATION on Netflix. Our very own Jake Dee gave the film a 7/10 review , calling the film, "a thoughtful micro-examination on the nascence of becoming an immortal bloodsucker, a knowing and heartfelt one at...
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Spike has canceled The Mist after only one season

It was just a few minutes ago that we shared the news that there may very well be another adaptation of Stephen King's massive novel THE STAND heading to TV and that might be for the best considering we just lost one of his other TV adaptations... Yes, it is official. Spike has canceled THE MIST . This is too bad (I guess) as the idea of THE MIST seemed like it...
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Spike's The Mist series hits Netflix later this month

One of the TV series I was looking forward to checking out the most this year was the Spike TV version of Stephen King's THE MIST . I watched the first episode and all I could think was "life's too short for this." Meaning I decided quickly that I would just wait for the time when I could binge the series in one swoop. Well, that day is almost upon us as today we...
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James Wan produced Demonic, starring Frank Grillo now available on Netflix

I have to be truthful when I say that I know next to nothing about the James Wan-produced fright flick, DEMONIC . Basically, I know that the film stars that chick who played Jordan in The Office but other than that, zilch. Anyhow, the flick is based on a story by Wan and Max LaBella and is directed by Will Canon. It seems to be yet another film that was all but forgotten/buried by...
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John Fallon's The Shelter with Michael Pare now available on Hulu!

One of the top films I think everyone on this site - and every other site - should check out asap is John Fallon's THE SHELTER which AICN called the " the exact opposite of the feel good movie of the year" . The flick is a fresh take on the haunted house subgenre, an odd blend of drama, horror with religious elements that will keep you guessing until the very (emotional)...
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Why you must check out Shout Factory TV right now!

I love the horror genre. I've always said this genre is the gift that keeps on giving. Just when I think I've seen all the good flicks out there, a minor classic pops back up on my radar, I give it a go, and find myself wondering how I only got around to watching it this late in life (not that I'm, like, an old man or anything).  One such screening happened...
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Watch the first 3 episodes of The Mist right here

After years of development, Spike's 10-episode adaptation of Stephen King's THE MIST premiered last night. I enjoyed the pilot quite a bit and with that in mind, I wanted to point you in the direction of where you can catch the series RIGHT NOW FOR FREE . Spike has put the first 3 full episodes online for your viewing pleasure. I have included the link at the bottom of the...
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Freakish season 2 promo announces new cast including Jake Busey

The Hulu series FREAKISH is a show that intrigues me. I have yet to hear one person recommend the series to me - or even mention it around me - but still, having a subscription to Hulu, it's something I see in passing all the time and have thought once or twice about giving it a shot. Should I? I mean the pitch is simple enough, THE WALKING DEAD meets THE BREAKFAST CLUB ,...
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Pixar's Andrew Stanton helming two episodes of Stranger Things Season 2

The new season of STRANGER THINGS is set to premiere on Netflix this Halloween so get ready for the publicity machine to start revving its engine here sometime very soon. Until then we here at AITH still have to search the bowels of social media to find bits and pieces of news regarding the news season. Or, in the case of today's news, stumble across it. I'm an animation...
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Stranger Things producer says season 2 will do things that disappoint fans

Earlier today we shared with you guys the upcoming Funko action figures coming this August based on the Netflix original series STRANGER THINGS . In that article, I pointed out that the toys represented the "lighter side" of the series after hearing that the new season was going to be "darker, more disturbing, and more horror-orientated." Well, just a few...
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