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Face-Off: Dolls vs. Dolly Dearest

With the evil doll movie ANNABELLE: CREATION currently sitting at #1 at the box office, having received much better reviews and word of mouth than its predecessor, this seemed like an appropriate time for a deadly doll Face-Off. There have been a lot of horror movies based around killer toys released over the decades, but the two I decided to focus on this week are a pair of films that I...
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Exclusive: Mick Garris on Post Mortem, Roger Corman & new anthology film!

I am a super fan of writer-director Mick Garris. The man started out making behind the scenes docs for the likes of such flicks as Joe Dante's THE HOWLING, John Carpenter's THE THING, and Richard Donner's THE GOONIES. From there, Garris became a screenwriter himself with such classics as CRITTERS 2, THE FLY II, and HOCUS POCUS . He also directed PSYCHO IV: THE...
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Arrow's Re-Animator 2-Disc Collector's Edition loaded with special features!

Like many of you out there, Stuart Gordon's classic RE-ANIMATOR is one of my favorite horror flicks of all time. Most definitely one of my top horror-comedies, behind, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD and AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON.   I'm happy as hell to let you guys know that Arrow Video took to Facebook with new details on their upcoming 2-disc Collector's...
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Mick Garris's new podcast Post Mortem is a must-subscribe for horror fans

WTFu*k?? Podcasts aren't news! You're (mostly) right. Hell, if we covered HALF of the new podcasts coming out, that is all we would cover. But seriously, does everyone have a podcast now-a-days? Yes. The answer is yes. They do. Anyhow, most podcasts are not news-worthy. But when it comes from Mick Garris , and he starts things off by interviewing Rob Zombie for...
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Tales of Halloween to get a 4-disc collector's edition release

On October 16, 2015, Epic Pictures Releasing put the horror anthology TALES OF HALLOWEEN out in theatres and on VOD. Consisting of ten segments from eleven directors, the film was a very fun celebration of the Halloween holiday and the horror genre that instantly earned a place on my list of movies to watch every Halloween season.  Just in time for the holiday this year,...
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New Re-Animator and Basket Case Blu-rays headed to the UK

UK fans fond of old-school splatter will be delighted to learn distributor Second Sight is unveiling two brand new Blu-rays of 80s cult classics RE-ANIMATOR and the BASKET CASE Trilogy. Each comes with awesome new cover art (see below the next) and a bevy of extras. Let's get to it! From director Stuart Gordon, RE-ANIMATOR's special features include: • The ‘Unrated’ Version –...
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You're invited to a Tales of Halloween live-tweet watch-along party tonight

If you haven't watched TALES OF HALLOWEEN yet, I recommend that you do so as soon as possible. I think this highly entertaining anthology is going to be annual viewing for many horror fans from now on. The perfect time to watch it may actually be tonight, as directors and cast members will be watching it along with you and tweeting throughout.  During the live-tweet, the cast...
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Anthology Tales of Halloween has 11 directors, 10 segments and 1 new trailer

One of my most highly anticipated upcoming horror releases is TALES OF HALLOWEEN , an anthology film that has some incredible talent involved.  Eleven directors were assembled to tell ten stories that will be  woven together by their shared theme of Halloween night in an American suburb, where ghouls, imps, aliens, and axe murderers appear for one night only to...
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It's the Booze Talkin', I'm game for a Re-Animator Reboot!

If it’s a Friday at the box office, chances are one of the opening movies will be a remake/sequel/reboot. It’s far from just a trend at this point, and it is as inescapable as a knife wielding psycho that can’t be stopped. Last weekend we had the triumphant MAD MAD: FURY ROAD and this weekend marks an amped up version of POLTERGEIST. It is a moot point...
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Details on Scream Factory's Blu-ray release of Stuart Gordon's Robot Jox

The awesome Scream Factory will be bringing back a childhood favorite of mine when they release a special edition Blu-ray of the 1989 film ROBOT JOX on July 7th. Directed by Stuart Gordon ( RE-ANIMATOR ) and produced by Full Moon founder Charles Band,  ROBOT JOX reveals a world where nations settle their territorial disputes by a single combat between two giant...
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Top 10 Horror Resurrections!

Ah, good old Easter Sunday is here in just a couple of days. You know what that means right folks, it's all about the Big Return. Reincarnation. Resurrection! Of course, as we all know, resurrection is and has always been a key plot-point of the horror genre. Immediate thoughts of flesh-rotting zombies animating from the cold filthy grave leap to mind, but check it Jack, not all horror...
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Top 10 Medical Horror Flicks!

The medical horror film genre has a host of subsets, doesn't it?! You have the demented doctor variety, the viral outbreak type, the biological mutation kind, the insane asylum ilk, and of course - as this week's release of THE LAZARUS EFFECT reinforces - the resurrect the dead sort. Not sure about you, but I'm a f*cking fan of each and every one of those sick subgenres. Be that as it may,...
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