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Where in the Horror are they Now? Jeff Fahey!

JEFF FAHEY THEN: It’s always exciting to see a mainstream actor take a ton of chances and play by his own rules. The very first time I paid attention to Jeff Fahey, it was clear that he was far from the typical Hollywood pretty boy. Frankly it didn’t take long for the guy to command the screen in a sequel to one of the great genre masterpieces. Yet before...
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Unroll the new poster for the brutal Sushi Girl, on DVD/Blu-ray this February

This past summer was the last time we wrote about SUSHI GIRL , the Kern Saxton mash-up featuring a who's who of B-movie stars. Today we have a fresh one-sheet for the film, as well as the knowledge that the flick is poised to hit DVD and Blu-ray here in the states February 19th. Could make a perfect double-feature with the J-horror comedy DEAD SUSHI. Co-written with Saxton by Destin...
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