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Check out the proposed animation test for Justice League Dark's Swamp Thing!

Even though the live action  JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK has been more or less canned in favor of a possible animated film (and the actual JUSTICE LEAGUE series is floundering before it has even teamed up its characters), that doesn't mean we can't dream about the film that might have been.  Joseph Kahn (who hit it big with an R-rated POWER RANGERS fan film...
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Justice League Dark takes the animation route

The development of a live action JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK (a.k.a. DARK UNIVERSE ) DC Comics adaptation is something we've been covering for a long time. The project, which would be a team-up film featuring characters from comics with a horror bent, a team apparently consisting of John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Madame Xanadu, Deadman, Zatanna, and Jason Blood/Etrigan the Demon,...
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13 Horror Gift Ideas: Books and comic books!

Most likely you're still on the hunt for some cool horror goodies to get your loved ones for Christmas. Well then, we already gave you some Blu-ray ideas , and today we're shoving some books in your face for your consideration. And yes, these are books , my friends, none of that electronic stuff! (Although those have their place, of course.) Additionally, there are...
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Perlman, Farrell, McGregor, Bellucci rumored for Justice League Dark

Fan favorite filmmaker Guillermo del Toro had been attached to write and direct the superhero team-up film JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK , which will delve into the "Dark Universe" side of the DC Comics library, for Warner Bros. The problem was, the studio wanted to move forward a bit more quickly than del Toro could. After delivering a script that WB wanted to green light...
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Dedicating Wes Craven!

READ OUR DISSECTING WES CRAVEN ARTICLE HERE "Horror films don't create fear. They release it." --Wes Craven Goddamn. I know he lead a fruitful 76 year life and all, but losing such a feted filmmaking icon like Wes Craven - whose face is deservedly and interminably etched on the Mount Rushmore of horror cinema - really, truly sucks. I mean, it's safe to say his...
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Vincenzo Natali shares Predator and IT concept art!

Every movie fan on Twitter should be following Vincenzo Natali right now. The acclaimed director of CUBE and SPLICE has been sharing loads of concept art from unmade films, as well as peeks at unused scripts (like THESE pages from his SWAMP THING pitch) and other goods. This guy's just giving it away, so we should take advantage while we can! Here we have some concept art from two...
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Vincenzo Natali posts the first 4 pages of his lost Swamp Thing reboot

Back in 2009, we began to hear that famed producer Joel Silver was interested in bringing the DC Comics character SWAMP THING back to the big screen. Over the '80s and into the '90s, Swampy had been at the center of two feature films (directed by Wes Craven and Jim Wynorski), a five episode cartoon, and a live action series that ran for three seasons, but the eco-superhero had...
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The Test of Time: Swamp Thing (1982)

We all have movies we love. Movies we respect without question because of either tradition, childhood love, or because they’ve always been classics. However, as time keeps ticking, do those classics still hold up? So…the point of this here column is whether of not a film stands the test of time. I’m not gonna question whether it’s still a good flick, but if the...
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Top 10 Deadly Aqua-Menaces!

Ah, June is here. The sand, the surf, the sexy hunnies rockin' the two-piece...it really doesn't get much better does it?! Only there's one caveat: deadly aquatic monsters! Be honest, have you ever cut your time short 3-feet deep in the shallows out of fear of the unknown, the unseen?! Liar...sure you have. Hell, I grew up on the coast and always kept such a horrific what-if scenario in the...
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Release date and bonus features for Swamp Thing Blu-ray/DVD

The good folks over at Scream Factory have announced that they will be releasing Wes Craven's SWAMP THING on a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack on August 6th — just in time to finish out the summer! We've also got the official list of bonus features which includes some pretty cool stuff like audio commentary and interviews. Deep in Florida's darkest everglades, a...
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Wes Craven's Swamp Thing swims to Blu-ray this summer!

Wes Craven's bizarro cult classic SWAMP THING is getting cleaned up - well, as clean as it can possibly get - for a Blu-ray release courtesy of, you guessed it, the Shout! Factory! Seriously, can these guys do any wrong? For connoisseurs of such things, it should be noted that Shout! will only be releasing the 91-minute U.S. cut (the same one that is available now on DVD). There is...
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Sell-Out or Not: Wes Craven!

Ready to decide who's a SELL-OUT OR NOT? Last time out, the majority of you felt that the great George A. Romero has NOT become a sell-out over the years . Well this column, not unlike the last, will unofficially indict either an actor, director, producer, writer - basically anyone who at one time or another held clout in the genre world - only to ultimately kowtow to the powers that be...
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