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Chimeres (Movie Review)

PLOT: Alex and Livia are a French couple enjoying vacation in Romania. But when Alex is suddenly struck by a car one day, he slowly transmutes into fang-toothed ghoul with a thirst for human blood. How will Livia handle the news? REVIEW: Holy F*ck! Who knew the deepest darkest secret kept under Romanian lock and key is that, when you get hit by a car in their country, you turn...
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Exclusive: New clip from Baran bo Odar's The Silence

A couple of weeks back we shared with you the first chilling trailer to Swiss director Baran bo Odar's upcoming murder mystery THE SILENCE , and today we have an exclusive clip for you to check out below, courtesy the fine folks at Music Box Films. THE SILENCE begins 23 years ago on a hot summer day, when a young girl named Pia is brutally murdered in a field of wheat. Now, on the...
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