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Cool Horror Gear: Slaughter FX's Jason Voorhees custom coffee table

I'm certain many of you have all kinds of horror film memorbilia and items all over your house, from posters lining your walls to shelves filled with collectibles, but other than some Ed Gein-inspired furniture (hey, I'm sure some of you reading this has something twisted like that!) what kind of household accessories do you own? Today we've got something to share that a lot...
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Thanksgiving Face-Off: Leatherface Vs. The Creeper

It feels like a holiday miracle that the crappy Friday the 13th remake actually got some minor love with our last Face-Off . It seems that the majority disagreed with the outcome that had Ken Kirzinger beating Derek Mears as the better Jason. I will say this to the Mears supporters: sorry your guy lost, but go ahead and look back at the categories. It takes more than just how a slasher...
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