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The Lost Creepshow 2 story Pinfall: Take a look inside the comic adaptation

As some of you might know, unlike the first film, CREEPSHOW 2 only contains only three stories (Old Chief Wooden Head, The Raft, and The Hitchhiker) instead of the five tales contained within the original CREEPSHOW flick. Story goes that there were two more stories set to appear in the film, but they were scrapped due to budgetary reasons. The other two lost stories were...
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13 Horror Gift Ideas: Books and Comics!

You know the drill: It's Christmastime, and your money is running away from you faster than The Arrow runs from a one night stand. But maybe right about now you're scraping the bottom of your cranium for ideas. Well, we've got you covered with a series of gift guides sure to deliver some last minute ideas to your eggnog-frozen brain. Today we're giving you 13 books that...
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RIP Fritz Weaver, of Creepshow, Twilight Zone, Tales from the Darkside fame

Sad news to report as 2016 has robbed us of another legend. Character actor Fritz Weaver has died at the tender old age of 90 in Manhattan. For horror fans, Weaver is most likely immediately linked with his role in George A. Romero's CREEPSHOW, in which he played Dexter Stanley, the professor who discovers "Fluffy" the crate monster in the film's fourth segment. Weaver had ample...
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DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates: SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER 2016

And just like that, summer's about done. Where in the name of Sam Raimi does the time go? Oh well, us horror hounds love the fall, so let's do a DVD/Blu-ray update for September and October! In September, we have box sets of both Tales from the Darkside and Friday the 13th: The Series , the Blu debut of THE CONJURING 2 and Criterion's remastered BLOOD SIMPLE ! Then comes...
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Full Friday the 13th series, Tales from the Darkside coming this September

CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution are teaming to bring you a magical gift from your childhood on  September 6th . The distribution outlets will be releasing the complete series of both  Friday the 13th: The Series   and   Tales from the Darkside , two horror TV gems dredged up from the treasure trove of the 80's. It hasn't yet...
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Joe Hill's Tales from the Darkside scripts to be published by IDW

The CW opted not to pursue the reboot of the 1983 - 1988 anthology series Tales from the Darkside that author Joe Hill was developing for them, but just because the show's episodes will never reach the air doesn't mean that Hill's story ideas will remain a mystery to us. In fact, we'll have two different ways to enjoy the material Hill had written for the abandoned...
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Joe Hill's Tales from the Darkside to become a comic book

For roughly a year and a half, author Joe Hill was working on a reboot of the television anthology series Tales from the Darkside , which ran from 1983 to 1988 and was executive produced by George A. Romero. Two episodes of the original series were even adaptations of stories written by Hill's father, Stephen King, and when TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: THE MOVIE was made in...
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The CW passes on Tales from the Darkside series

It’s been no secret that The CW was looking to reinvent the classic anthology series Tales from the Darkside with writer Joe Hill, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci behind it. And while the idea of a new Tales from the Darkside is no doubt an exciting one, I’m not so sure that The CW would have been the right home for it. Unfortunately, however, we’ll never really...
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Tales from the Darkside pilot casts Kris Lemche; plot details revealed

The CW's "Tales from the Darkside" pilot has cast its lead: Kris Lemche. Lemche will apparently be in every episode of the anthology series, which will otherwise have an all new cast each week. With that news comes some clues as to what we can expect from the rebooted "Tales," which is being overseen by author Joe Hill (Horns) and producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Per...
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The CW's Tales from the Darkside series gets pilot order

We’ve know for a long time now that The CW was reinventing the classic anthology series “Tales from the Darkside” , and today THR reports the reboot has been ordered to pilot at the youth-skewing network. Score! The new “Tales From the Darkside” take hails from writer Joe Hill (writer of the Locke & Key comics and Stephen King's son) and will...
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The Test of Time: Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990)

We all have movies we love. Movies we respect without question because of either tradition, childhood love, or because they’ve always been classics. However, as time keeps ticking, do those classics still hold up? So…the point of this here column is whether of not a film stands the test of time. I’m not gonna question whether it’s still a good flick, but if the...
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Joe Hill drops a few Tales from the Darkside tidbits

As you probably know by now, The CW is remaking "Tales from the Darkside" and has tapped Joe Hill (HORNS) and Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (STAR TREK) to oversee the new version of the classic horror series. It's not likely that it will much resemble the 80s TV show, which was produced by George Romero among others, but will it still be cut from the same cloth?...
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