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Stephen King's IT: Five Theories Based on the New Trailer

The IT trailer hit a few days ago and was viewed over 197 million times in 24 hrs. I must account for about half of those views as I have studied every frame of the trailer since then. This list represents my theories on what we will see play out come September 8th. This info is based on my borderline OCD-level of knowledge about the source novel, which I have read so many times I dare say I...
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UPDATED! Annabelle: Creation trailer tease & poster, full trailer tomorrow!

UPDATE: The ANNABELLE: CREATION poster just dropped. Check it out below! It was only yesterday we learned that THE CONJURING spin-off sequel (yikes) ANNABELLE 2 was now going to going by another title. That new title is ANNABELLE: CREATION , and today we have the trailer tease to share with you guys. This is, of course, like all other trailer teases in that it runs only...
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Stephen King's IT: Teaser trailer hits SXSW! Full description here

The SXSW film festival is currently taking place in Austin TX. I really wanted to go this year, but my film didn't make it in. Wa, wa, I know. Poor me. Truth be told, I could next to a sh*t about that now as it turns out that if I had gone to the festival I would have seen new footage from STEPHEN KING'S IT! That's right, the makers of IT stopped by the festival...
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Rise Up with The Walking Dead Season 7B teaser

We are a little less than three weeks away from the return of THE WALKING DEAD with second half of the seventh season, where the survivors will be "preparing for war and gathering the supplies and numbers to take Negan down once and for all. Bring it. Now I'm not going to lie to you, I am one of those dudes that skipped out on TWD after season...
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Colossal teaser: Anne Hathaway connects with a giant monster

Going to warn you right now, the just-released teaser trailer for Nacho Vigalondo's COLOSSAL gives away one of the movie's pretty big secrets right off the bat. Now, I can't say it's the movie's biggest secret, but still... if you want to walk into this film knowing nothing, avoid the teaser. For the rest of you, get a load of the first look at COLOSSAL below,...
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King Kong looms large in two new Kong: Skull Island posters

Jordan Vogt-Roberts'  KONG: SKULL ISLAND has gotten a handful of promotional posters, but so far none of the designs have been particularly inspiring. That is, until today. Two new posters have debuted on the Twitter accounts of stars Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson, and while one is a simple yet sinister design highlighting Kong's terrifying size, the other is a...
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New look at Kong: Skull Island before the full trailer hits Wednesday

Last week we were treated to a surprisingly revealing look at the King himself, Kong, in his latest adventure, KONG: SKULL ISLAND . Today we get another peek at the big ape from the film's official Twitter account, as Legendary Pictures prepares to unveil the full trailer for the Jordan Vogt-Roberts film on Wednesday. Watch Kong throw a mini-tantrum below. In KONG: SKULL...
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J. A. Bayona's A Monster Calls to call in a week later

Now that THE ORPHANAGE 's J. A. Bayona has signed on to helm the follow-up to the devastatingly successful JURASSIC WORLD , buzz has been building up for his most recent feature,  A MONSTER CALLS . The lush fantasy adventure is still coming this Fall, but the release date has been pushed back one week, to October 21st , presumably for a snugger Halloween release. That...
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Dial up this stunning new trailer for A Monster Calls with Liam Neeson

A MONSTER CALLS , the bombastic new fantasy adventure film from THE ORPHANAGE helmer J. A. Bayona, has a new trailer out and boy is it something else. Bayona has certainly taken the lessons of ORPHANAGE producer Guillermo del Toro to heart, painting a marvelous fantasy chapter full of vivid imagery, bold colors, and an unforgettable, impeccably designed monster. Check out the...
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The Walking Dead debuts a new teaser for Season 6 midseason premiere

  With its midseason premiere only a couple weeks away, The Walking Dead is ramping up its marketing efforts to remind you it's on the path to resurrection. As if you didn't already know. A new teaser for the series has just launched, giving us a look at how the new episode might open. Or, to be more accurate, it gives us a look at how the last episode ended. (But, as we know thanks...
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Teaser trailer for A Monster Calls starring Liam Neeson and Sigourney Weaver

Focus Features has just unveiled a very early look at A MONSTER CALLS , the fantasy adventure based on Patrick Ness' book of the same name. The film comes from THE ORPHANAGE helmer J.A. Bayona (who is currently prepping WORLD WAR Z 2) and stars Liam Neeson, Lewis MacDougall, Toby Kebbell, Felicity Jones and Sigourney Weaver. If you're looking for some intense monster action, look...
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First teaser for Sinister 2 starring Shannyn Sossamon

The first trailer for SINISTER 2 premiered at WonderCon yesterday, and while we don't have the whole thing for you just yet, we can pass along this brief teaser to whet your appetite. The full trailer will be issued on April 9th, so you won't have to wait very long. Here's the equally short synopsis: A young mother and her twin sons move into a rural house that's marked for...
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