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Original Vs. Remake: Carrie

We had a near unanimous agreement with the result of our last Fright Night Original Vs. Remake . The 1985 classic definitely set the bar damn high, but the remake was thankfully, not a piece of shit. That was the general consensus. For today's O vs. R, we are sticking with the whole "school starts in September" motif and covering a horror flick that truly tells the terrors of attending...
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First poster, synopsis for The Atticus Institute, from the producer of The Conjuring

Chris Sparling, the writer of BURIED and ATM, will be making his directorial debut with the supernatural thriller THE ATTICUS INSTITUTE, which is being produced by THE CONJURING producer Peter Safran, and we've got the first poster and a synopsis for the flick for you to check out below. Currently in post-production and looking to be presented for international sales at...
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Face-Off: Carrie White Vs. Tina Shepard (F13th Part VII)

I was pleased as a peach to read that ya'll had some cheesy fun with our last Face-Off . Of course everyone agreed that Jason X deserved to easily beat the space snot out of Leprechaun in Space. Today's Face-Off tips its blood-soaked hat to this Friday's release of the CARRIE remake. I'm not sure if it will be able to top or even match the 1976 original, but it does have a pair of...
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First look at Jackson Gallagher As Mark Hartley's Patrick

With remakes abound and a new one seemingly announced every other week, there are very few that horror buffs can truly be excited about. One remake/reimagining that does give a glimmer of hope is director Mark Hartley's PATRICK, based on Richard Franklin's 1978 Ozploitation film of the same name. While we've seen and heard very little from the flick (the above image being one of the very...
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