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Cool Horror Videos: Jarvis City's Ultimate '80s Slasher Tribute

One of my favorite types of movie to watch is the 1980s slasher, so when I found out that YouTube user Jarvis City had made a 39 minute compilation of clips from various slashers, taking the viewer on a bloody journey from 1980 to 1989, I immediately clicked "Play" on that video. The compilation is called The Ultimate '80s Slasher Tribute , and while I'm not sure it really is the...
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Leatherface revs up new green-band trailer!

Entertainment Weekly has just unveiled a new, slightly tamer, green-band trailer for Lionsgate and Millennium Films' LEATHERFACE . Don't fret though folks, there's still plenty of nastiness to revel in, not the least of which is Stephen Dorff's thick Texan accent. Yikes! Cop a peek below! From those crazy French filmmakers behind INSIDE (Julien Maury and...
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New Leatherface poster is a drag

Last week that we shared the first (official) poster for the upcoming TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE prequel LEATHERFACE and I wasn't the biggest fan of the piece. Poorly photoshopped the poster (which you can peep, again, below) did little to make me want to see the film. Not that I'm not already counting down the days, but still. And sorry to say, but this all-new poster -...
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New Leatherface poster is bull

Urgh. I don't know about you but I have noticed the trend of what I, personally, refer to as "Redbox Covert Art/Posters" for horror flicks that are quite simply awful and cheap-looking. This newest poster for the  TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE prequel LEATHERFACE  is no exception. The trend seems to be quite popular among the masses as I have done more than a...
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New spoiler-free Leatherface stills feature Stephen Dorff and blood!

It seems like we have been hitting you guys with a ton of info on the new TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE prequel flick LEATHERFACE over the last few weeks, and that is because we HAVE, in fact, been hitting you with endless new info on the slatter/slasher flick. And that sounds good to me. Speaking of which today we have some all new stills from the upcoming film to share and they...
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Red band Leatherface trailer is littered with bloody bodies

Having completed principal photography two years ago and having gone through reshoots last summer, the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE prequel LEATHERFACE will finally be making its way in front of horror fans this Halloween season. The film will be available exclusively through DirecTV as of September 21 st, with a wider VOD and limited theatrical release to follow on October 20 th....
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Dawn of the Dead remake 2-Disc Collector's Edition coming this Halloween

There are a lot of horror remakes that split the genre community down the middle. Some think that Marcus Nispel's remake of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE is crap. Those people are wrong. And some folks believe Craig Gillespie's FRIGHT NIGHT remake is a waste of digital celluloid. It isn't. But one remake most fans agree is up to the task of the original is 2004's...
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Leatherface images are coated in blood and spoilers

Sometimes when movies are delayed for a while, we end up learning a little too much about them before they finally get released, especially when they're entries in a beloved franchise. It makes sense - once something exists and people are clamoring to see it, you can't keep a lid on it for too long. Given the fact that INSIDE directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury...
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Leatherface writer spills mucho details about the Texas Chainsaw prequel

THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE prequel LEATHERFACE finished production quite a long time ago now. So where is the film? Good question. Turns out Lionsgate is having second thoughts about how, and when, to release the flick. I'm guessing it has something, if not all, to do with the under-performance ( that's a nice way of putting it) of their last foray into horror follow-ups...
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New Texas Chainsaw prequel Leatherface will feature Sally & Franklin's dad

Are you excited for the new TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE prequel LEATHERFACE? I know you are. We all are. But I just might have some cool info to make you even MORE excited about the film's (eventual) release... Turns out we will be meeting a character named Ted Hardesty in the new CHAINSAW picture... If that last name sounds familiar to you, well it SHOULD, as the character is...
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Cool Horror Videos: Icons collide at Leatherface's Pool Party

Want to spend a really fun 4 minutes watching a ton of horror icons (in action figure form) hanging out and partying together? That's exactly what the music video " Leatherface's Pool Party " is here to deliver for you. Leatherface is hosting a pool party at his Travis County home.He has invited some of the greatest horror icons of our time to join him for a...
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Happy Birthday to Leatherface & Chucky creators Tobe Hooper & Don Mancini

Happy Birthday Leatherface and Chucky!! Well... not really... but Happy Birthday to Leatherface and Chucky creators Tobe Hooper and Don Mancini ! What are the chances TWO of the horror genre's most pivitol creators were born on the same day? Crazy, right? Without January 25, we would not have been graced with the intense nightmare of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE , or the once...
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