Pernicious (Movie Review)

PLOT: Alex, Julia and Rachel are a trio of young American aid workers set for duty in Thailand. When they arrive however, the vengeful spirit of a slaughtered little girl puts a haunting hold on the three nubile sexpots. REVIEW: 23 year old filmmaker James Cullen Bressack, who made his directorial debut with MY PURE JOY at the age of 18, continues his paltry-budgeted but...
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Step into the ring with the low-res teaser for Nic Refn's Only God Forgives!

After DRIVE , how can Nic Refn and Ryan Gosling's follow up, ONLY GOD FORGIVES , not rank high on your must see list of 2013? I know it's my #1 priority this year, and though it's a low-res look, the first teaser trailer for the flick has finally stepped into the ring. Take a jab at that sucker below! Also featuring the likes of Kristen Scott Thomas, Tom Burke, Gordon Brown, Joe...
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Thai horror sequel My Ex 2: Haunted Lover hits DVD in February

Y'all familiar with the 2010 Thai horror flick MY EX? Well that crazy bitch is back for more! Said to be made in 2010 as well, MY EX 2: HAUNTED LOVER finally hits DVD here in the states on February 4, 2013. Piyapan Choopetch (NECROMANCER) directs the 83 minute feature. Here's the setup: A sexy young actress clinches a lead role in a major movie, but her career and life...
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