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Horror Movie Hotties: The Attic (2007)

If you thought TRUE DETECTIVE was the first place Alexandra Daddario unveiled her hush puppies, well, you're right. However, she came awfully close to doing so in THE ATTIC, the first of a string of horror flicks which featured blue-eyed hottie. When you think "bathing scenes in R-rated horror films", you almost immediately assume you're going to be hit...
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Horror Whores: The Attic (2007)

Alexandra Daddario is just wow! Seriously, this chick is amazing. She's got it all. Perfect in every way. Now Daddario isn't really a household name but I'd bet money she will be very soon! Especially in households that love the horror genre. Daddario is really making her way to being a Scream Queen. In today's Horror Whores we take a look at Daddario and her amazing cleavage in THE...
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