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Dissecting Writer Alex Garland!

WRITER/DIRECTOR ALEX GARLAND! Ever since penning his first novel THE BEACH in 1996, UK scribe Alex Garland has become quite the player in the Hollywood genre realm. Instantly striking a fecund working relationship with THE BEACH director, Danny Boyle, Garland has collaborated with his English compatriot three times now, including wildly disparate 2002 and 2007 flicks...
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Alex Garland will make directorial debut with sci-fi thriller Ex Machina

Alex Garland, top-notch screenwriter of films like 28 DAYS LATER and DREDD , will make his directorial debut on a sci-fi indie backed by mega-producer Scott Rudin (NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN). The film is called EX MACHINA , and it boasts the kind of plot reminiscent an episode of "The Outer Limits". Ex Machina centers on a billionaire programmer who handpicks a young employee to...
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