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Louis Mandylor's The Blackout trailer goes dark

THE BLACKOUT , a new thriller from director Louis Mandylor, has hit us with a sales trailer as we near the end of AFM. While there isn’t a whole hell of a lot known about this one, what we do know is that it was written by by Steve C. Yoon and Jordan Marder and it has a stupid long synopsis. Like, this synopsis is so long that you could actually separate it with chapters......
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Dissecting Director Abel Ferrara!

DIRECTOR ABEL FERRARA! Buy THE DRILLER KILLER here Abel Ferrara has made some gritty ass movies. To my mind, dude's not only a unheralded writer/director, his career choices and unwillingness to compromise artistically really ought to be commended. It's almost as if he's a low-grade Cassavetes - or a B-movie auteur - operating completely...
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