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Spanish horror flick The Body is coming to the U.S.

THE BODY , a stylish thriller from Rodar y Rodar, the company behind Spanish horror hits JULIA'S EYES and THE ORPHANAGE , finally has U.S. distribution. Variety reports that the L.A.-based Outsider Pictures has acquired North American rights to the Oriol Paulo-directed film, which was a hit in its native Spain. Outsider’s acquisition includes a theatrical and VOD...
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Remakes of The Orphanage, Julia's Eyes and The Body on the way

Rodar y Rodar, one of Spain's most successful genre film companies, is looking to remake at least four of their own flicks. And while that news may be a bit disheartening to the purists out there, the studio is also developing a batch of new projects that sound very promising. On the remake front, Rodar is actively working on English-language versions of THE ORPHANAGE (which has...
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