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Bunny Game director prepares hardcore western Save a Bullet For Me

Adam Rehmeier, the director of the vicious and controversial horror film THE BUNNY GAME, has lined up his next project, which sounds quite a bit different. Although rest assured, it'll still be unsparingly brutal. Rehmeier is currently working on SAVE A BULLET FOR ME , which Screen Daily describes as an action-horror film set in the 19th Century. You'll recall THE BUNNY GAME making...
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British censors cracking down on violence in movies after new research

The BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) has never been shy about censoring material that they deem inappropriate. In recent years, we've read about THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE II getting chopped by them (after initially being banned altogether), as well as the torture-porn THE BUNNY GAME . Today they've released the results from a study that, they claim, will help them adjust their...
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