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First casting news for The Butcher Brothers' The Beginners Guide to Snuff

Horror duo The Butcher Brothers (Phil Flores & Mitchell Altieri) have begun to cast their upcoming film THE BEGINNERS GUIDE TO SNUFF, setting Joey Kern ("Workaholics"), Luke Edwards (JEEPERS CREEPERS II), Bree Williamson ("True Detective") and Brad Greenquist (WATER FOR ELEPHANTS) to star, according to The Hollywood Reporter. THE BEGINNERS GUIDE TO SNUFF...
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Get blessed by these new stills from The Butcher Brothers' Holy Ghost People

Guess what? The latest genre offering from Mitchell Altieri, one half of The Butcher Brothers, has just blessed us with a bunch of new stills from the religious thriller HOLY GHOST PEOPLE . The film hits limited theaters today, but if you can't catch it on the big screen then we've got the next best thing! HOLY GHOST PEOPLE is available to watch RIGHT HERE on VOD, so now...
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Poster for the Butcher Brothers' Raised by Wolves skates in

I've dug everything the duo known as the Butcher Brothers have done so far, so I'm pretty stoked for their found footage horror tale RAISED BY WOLVES. Last month we brought you the trailer for this spooky-looking flick and today we've got the new poster for the film to share with you. Regular readers of AITH are surely familiar with the works of The Butcher Brothers,...
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Trailer for the Butcher Brothers' Raised by Wolves offers plenty of found footage shocks

Regular readers of AITH are surely familiar with the works of The Butcher Brothers, the writing/directing tandem of Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores that brought us THE HAMILTONS, APRIL FOOLS DAY, THE THOMPSONS and my personal fave of the bunch, THE VIOLENT KIND. Now we've got another film from The Butcher Brothers to look forward to and this time they're dabbling in the ever-popular...
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Exclusive: Go behind the scenes of The Butcher Brothers' The Thompsons!

THE THOMPSONS , the epic sequel to the Butcher Brothers’ award-winning horror-thriller THE HAMILTONS is coming to VOD, DVD and Blu-ray on JANUARY 1st, and to help get you prepared, we've got an exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette from the film. In the clip below, you'll hear the directors and crew speak about relocating the "Hamiltons" to England and how they arrived upon that...
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