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The Canal (Movie Review)

PLOT: Film archivist David (Rupert Evans) and Alice (Hannah Hoekstra) purchase a place to settle down and start a family. They have a kid together, but things aren't as happy as they seem. David has some suspicions about his wife. This coincides with David's discovery of a reel of film from 1902 that seems to show a brutal murder that took place in his own home....
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Spooky trailer for The Canal, starring Rupert Evans

THE CANAL received a lot of positive buzz here in the states earlier in the year when it premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival; the Irish ghost tale was quickly acquired by independent distributor The Orchard, along with horror site ShockTillYouDrop, and has been given an October VOD and theatrical release, much to the delight of fans of foreign horror everywhere. Last week saw the...
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Fear Will Pull You Under in new poster for The Canal

Thanks to our brothers-in-harms over at STYD, below you can find a fresh one-sheet for UK horror flick THE CANAL . After rolling out in select cities the past few months, THE CANAL will hit VOD on October 10th, via The Orchard. Starring Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Rupert Evans, Hannah Hoekstra and Steve Oram - THE CANAL picks up when: Sitting in an empty theater, a film...
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Evil lies within Ivan Kavanagh's The Canal poster

There's an exciting Irish horror film making its way to the Tribeca Film Festival in the coming weeks by the name of THE CANAL . Directed by Ivan Kavanagh, THE CANAL is of the ghost story variety that looks to make quite a splash during its festival run. While we don't have much to hand over to you guys on this one just yet, we did manage to get a look at the film's eerie...
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Tribeca Film Festival announces Midnight Program, including Zombeavers

What do alien invaders and chupacabras have in common with a sword-wielding maniac and the ghost of a turn-of-the-century murderer? They can all be found in Tribeca’s 2014 Midnight program, a collection of this year’s most boundary-pushing genre films from around the globe. Too terrifying, strange, or downright hilarious for daylight hours, these seven films wear their Midnight Movie...
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