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Face-Off: The Car vs. Christine

The goofball family film MONSTER TRUCKS, which is about trucks being powered by monstrous creatures, isn't really Arrow in the Head material and isn't exactly setting the box office on fire, but its release is responsible for inspiring this week's Face-Off, as it got me thinking about horror movies in which vehicles are powered by otherworldly forces. Specifically, it got me thinking about...
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Details drive in from the Scream Factory release of The Car

Between DUEL and CHRISTINE , there was another deadly vehicle hellbent on running hapless drivers off the road: THE CAR ! The underrated 1977 classic stars James Brolin and is currently on its way direct from Scream! Factory. The full special feature details for their release have been revealed to rev your engine:  NEW Mystery of the Car – an interview with...
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Scream Factory announces ten new titles

Scream Factory had a panel at San Diego Comic-Con. If you’d told me ten years ago that this was going to be a thing, I would have laughed in your face, but here we are. The world is a beautiful place sometimes. During the course of said panel, they announced a whopping ten new titles that will be coming out on Blu-Ray over the course of the next year or so: WOMEN’S...
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The Car driving onto Region 2 Blu-Ray next week; test drive the new trailer

Sit down, buckle up and enjoy a joyride to Hell as the 1977 cult classic THE CAR will be hitting Region 2 Blu-Ray next week, and to celebrate we've got a new trailer from the fine folks at Arrow Video for you to check out below. Often referred to as “JAWS on Wheels”, THE CAR has been lovingly re-mastered by Universal Pictures and, for the first time in its...
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AITH Podcast: The Killer Car Show! The Car, Christine, Duel, and more!

LISTEN TO THE AITH PODCAST NOW! Blood Bullets & Broads: The AITH Podcast is proud to present our Killer Car Theme Show, where we talk nothing but killer car, killer semis, killer automobiles, and killer what-have-yous. First up, we take on James Brolin in THE CAR (15:48) and are mesmerized both by how cool the car is... but...
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