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It's the Booze Talkin': Let's Hope Dunstan & Melton Do Justice to Halloween!

It seems that every couple of months we have fresh and exciting news about the next HALLOWEEN. Unfortunately it is always a trick instead of a treat. Recently however, word spread that the latest installment has a couple of writers ready to head on back to Haddonfield. SAW IV to VII and PIRANHA 3DD scribes Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton are reported to be in the process of working...
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Cool Horror Videos: AITH Knocks Out Horror Clichés - Token Horror Tramp

We're back at ya with another go-around with AITH KNOCKS OUT HORROR CLICHES , and this time out we're lacing up the gloves to give the knockout punch to a horror cliche that isn't so bad: the token, oversexed horror hottie. For this entry our main man Mike Bautista is giving us a NSFW look at his favorite T n G ( T its and G ore), and I'm sure it'll put as...
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Where in the Horror are they Now? Samantha Eggar!

SAMANTHA EGGAR THEN : There is something so satisfying watching a Shakespearean actor submersing herself in the world of horror. This is especially true when this person has the beauty and British charm of the vivacious Samantha Eggar. This Hampstead, London born beauty began her successful career in the early Sixties starring in the English series “Rob...
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The F*cking Black Sheep: The Collection (2012)

THE BLACK SHEEP is an ongoing column featuring different takes on films that either the writer HATED, but that the majority of film fans LOVED, or that the writer LOVED, but that most others LOATH. We're hoping this column will promote constructive and geek fueled discussion. Dig in! The Collection (2012) Directed by Marcus Dunstan “I don’t know...
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Fox 2000 making a 21st Century version of John Fowles' The Collector

Deadline.com reports that Fox 2000 has purchased Peter Dowling's spec script HIGHRISE , which they are calling "a lush 21st century thriller inspired by the 1960’s classic, The Collector." No director has been attached yet. Written by John Fowles and published in 1963, THE COLLECTOR goes like this: This tale of obsessive love--the story of a lonely clerk who collects butterflies...
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Marcus Dunstan on the Collector's origins and possible third film, The Collected

With THE COLLECTION hitting DVD/Blu-Ray yesterday, director Marcus Dunstan (who also co-wrote alongside frequent collaborator Patrick Melton) sat down with Crave Online to talk a bit about his sequel to THE COLLECTOR as well as dropping a few hints as to what we can expect if we ever get to see a third film. Dunstan shared that he already has a title in mind for another film in the...
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Kill of the Day: The Collection (2012)

I just tapped Marcus Dunstan's THE COLLECTION the other day and I dug it. Can't say I was surprised. I loved THE COLLECTOR and THE COLLECTION made a perfect companion piece. Now let's tie this shite up in a nice little trilogy and call it a day! Anyway, while there were many badass kills in THE COLLECTION, I've decided to go with a tamer one for today's Kill of the Day. If only because...
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