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Pre-production has begun on Corin Hardy's The Conjuring 2 spin-off The Nun

It still remains unclear just how a spin-off focused on THE NUN character from THE CONJURING 2 is going to work, since that nun had a very specific reason for lurking around the characters of THE CONJURING 2 that wouldn't extend into her own feature. Whatever explanation is given in the screenplay Gary Dauberman and James Wan have written for THE NUN, they seem to have found a...
7 days ago
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Annabelle 2 officially rated R for horror violence and terror

Were you were worried when LIGHTS OUT director David Sandberg joined THE CONJURING spin-off, sequel (whoa) ANNABELLE 2, that the flick would get a PG-13? If you were, rest at ease ladies and gents as the MPAA has recently slapped ANNABELLE 2 with a glorious R-rating. The new film is rated-R for: horror violence and terror. Now I guess this was to be expected considering...
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The Crucifixion trailer is filled with insane NSFW images

"Dude! WTF is that?! Is that... Ant-Bush???" - Me It was only earlier this morning that we shared with you guys the new poster for the upcoming Xavier Gens ( FRONTIER(S) ) directed flick THE CRUCIFIXION. At the end of that article, as always, we told you we would keep you up to date on any and all news coming in on THE CRUCIFIXION front.  And we weren't...
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Conjuring spin-off The Nun gets a summer 2018 release date

James Wan's 2013 fright flick THE CONJURING was a masterpiece of real-life horror. The flick's 2016 follow-up THE CONJURING 2 was a little less than perfect, but, hell, how can to meet, and/or, top the original. Fair enough. It was still a fantastic creep-fest. Then came the first CONJURING spin-off ANNABELLE . While I'm not an ANNABELLE-hater, I find it hard to...
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It's the Booze Talkin': The Academy should show these horror stars some love

A couple of years back we here at AITH were raising the question as to why horror is so rarely under major award consideration - you can check that out here . Clearly there are a ton of cheesy flicks with questionable performances, but over the past few years we’ve had some really powerful work from very talented actors. Whether we are talking Vera Farmiga in THE CONJURING or the...
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It's the Booze Talkin', Stop Saying Horror is Dead!

When BLAIR WITCH disappointed with its box office results, I happened upon an article or two with the author claiming that horror is dead. My response?? Are you freaking crazy?? This of course is nothing new. Oftentimes a genre flick will fail to live up to expectation and people cry that nobody wants to see scary movies anymore. Certainly we’ve had years where you wonder if...
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Cool Horror Videos: Backmasking The Conjuring 2 trailer

THE CONJURING 2 was a massive summer hit this year, and it's about to rake in even more money on its September 13th  home video release. In order to promote the DVD and Blu-Ray, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has created a very special video, showing off the iconic trailer... in reverse! Backmasking was a very popular Satanist fear back in the 80's, and...
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The Conjuring is now the third highest grossing horror franchise

Hey folks, remember THE CONJURING 2 ? It's still in theaters, and in its sixth week it has run screaming across the $300 million mark worldwide. That brings the entire franchise (including the lucrative spinoff ANNABELLE ) to a plump box office take of $884 million, making it the third highest grossing horror franchise of all time, knocking SAW out of its cushy position....
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5 Possible Cases for The Conjuring 3, with Special Contributor Nick Groff!

With the recent success of James Wan’s supernatural horror sequel THE CONJURING 2 , it’s no surprise that we are looking at yet another chapter in this impressive series. And thanks to the many cases that involved Ed and Lorraine Warren, we can certainly do our own investigating into what story they could tell next. The on-screen couple (played by Vera Farmiga and Patrick...
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Conjuring 2 spinoff The Nun is already in the works

THE CONJURING 2 's ectoplasm hasn't even gone cold and a spin-off has already been announced. This isn't much of a surprise, considering they launched ANNABELLE at us practically seconds after THE CONJURING smashed the summer box office in 2013, but still. Give us some room to breathe. The spinoff in question will be titled THE NUN and will revolve around the...
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The Conjuring 2 (Movie Review)

PLOT: After a trip to the haunted Amityville house rattles them, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren are contemplating retirement. But when called upon by the church to investigate a potential haunting in England, the Warrens have no choice but to get involved in their most dangerous case yet. REVIEW: After burning off some steam in the FAST & FURIOUS world, James...
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No surprise, Poltergeist is one of James Wan's favorite horror films

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter promoting THE CONJURING 2 , James Wan listed his Top 5 favorite horror films of all time. One of them... well, it won't surprise you. The second flick on the list is none other than the 1982 Tobe Hooper classic  POLTERGEIST . Says Wan: It’s the movie that scarred me as a child and sent me down my obsessive path...
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