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The Conjuring is now the third highest grossing horror franchise

Hey folks, remember THE CONJURING 2 ? It's still in theaters, and in its sixth week it has run screaming across the $300 million mark worldwide. That brings the entire franchise (including the lucrative spinoff ANNABELLE ) to a plump box office take of $884 million, making it the third highest grossing horror franchise of all time, knocking SAW out of its cushy position....
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5 Possible Cases for The Conjuring 3, with Special Contributor Nick Groff!

With the recent success of James Wan’s supernatural horror sequel THE CONJURING 2 , it’s no surprise that we are looking at yet another chapter in this impressive series. And thanks to the many cases that involved Ed and Lorraine Warren, we can certainly do our own investigating into what story they could tell next. The on-screen couple (played by Vera Farmiga and Patrick...
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Necessary Evil: Self-Aware Haunting Movie

Howdy all! Welcome back to another rendition of horror that has to happen! I enjoyed reading everyone's reaction to our last Memorial Day Necessary Evil . This Friday sees the release of James Wan's The Conjuring 2 , which I hear is fantastic! So, in the spirit of the latest haunted home/possession film hitting theaters, we decided to offer our own version of the...
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Face-Off: Insidious vs. The Conjuring

James Wan is undoubtedly one of the most popular and successful filmmakers in the horror genre today. He's also something of a franchise factory, having kicked off the multi-installment runs of SAW and INSIDIOUS, and as of this weekend's release of THE CONJURING 2 he'll be able to add another series onto his résumé. In anticipation of that film, this week's Face-Off is focused on his two...
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Dissecting Patrick Wilson!

PATRICK WILSON! Patrick Wilson is a damn good actor. Almost unheralded, really. Does this guy ever get the credit he deserves? Seriously, ever since bursting onto the genre scene with HARD CANDY in 2005, Wilson has brought his universally approachable appeal - a handsome but believable everyman - to pretty much every part he's played. On through LITTLE CHILDREN,...
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It's the booze talkin', We may have another solid year of horror in 2016!

Every so often I feel like we’ve been blessed as a horror fan. Yet it is increasingly more and more difficult when so much of what we see on the big screen is utter garbage. I’ve written many times about how independent scares and genre television are oftentimes superior to major studio fare. Yet every so often we have a decent year of chills. The last time we had a...
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David F. Sandberg may direct Annabelle 2

We still have a little while to wait before we get a chance to see David F. Sandberg's supernatural horror film LIGHTS OUT , a feature expansion of his viral short . That film isn't set to be released until July 22, an attempt by studio New Line Cinema to replicate the success they had with LIGHTS OUT producer James Wan's THE CONJURING back in July of 2013.  Of...
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Top 10 Paranormal Investigators!

Don't front friends, the long-awaited return of The X-Files this week is an absolute must-see event! Is it not? But of course it is. And why is that? The searing chemistry between Mulder and Scully, for one, but also for the harrowing exploits of paranormal investigation. And as always, that got us to thinking. Got us to wondering about some of the more memorable paranormal investigators the...
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Cool Horror Gear: Annabelle doll from Mezco

It's probably not as horrifying as the Halloween mask we showed you last year, but this is still fairly creepy. Annabelle, the doll made famous by THE CONJURING - and subsequently boring in ANNABELLE - is getting a full scale prop replica of her own, thanks to the folks at Mezco. Based on these early looks, I'd say she cuts a predictably disquieting figure.   From her sinister...
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The 2015 Arrow in the Head Mistress of the Year: Vera Farmiga

VERA FARMIGA Watch Bates Motel S1 here! Order Bates Motel S1-2 here! WHY SHE'S ARROW’S 2015 MISTRESS: A handful of names crossed my mind as to whom would be this year's Mistress of the Year. And for a while there I had settled on one young actress with a couple of credits under her belt. That was sticking until I realized that the oh so...
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Patrick Wilson discusses the making of The Conjuring 2

Thanks to the box office success of THE CONJURING , director James Wan had more money and more time to work with on THE CONJURING 2: THE ENFIELD POLTERGEIST , and after more than two months of filming the production wrapped yesterday. THE CONJURING 2 marks the fourth time that Wan has worked with star Patrick Wilson, following INSIDIOUS , INSIDIOUS 2 , and THE CONJURING,...
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Pictures from the set of The Conjuring 2 bring back the 1970s

Filming continues on director James Wan's sequel to his 2013 hit THE CONJURING , and Wan has shared a new batch of pictures from the set to keep his followers on social media updated on the project's progress. While previous pictures have shown some impressive sets built on a soundstage, these new images show that the production has ventured out onto the streets of London,...
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