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Malcolm McDowell needs help to get George A. Romero his walk of fame star

We are all still shaken up by the recent passing of one of the true masters of horror, George A. Romero , but maybe chipping in on this new campaign will help smooth out the loss a bit. As some of you may know, the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD director received his star on the Walk of Fame this past October. But the huge cost associated with the event (including the actual gold...
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MoMA to screen 70 science-fiction films from 22 countries this summer

Videodrome Here's a press release we received that doesn't need any embellishment. All the glory resides in the details, and I'll just lay it out flat for you. If you live in NYC, or plan on visiting this summer - hell, even if you were going to spend all of July and August locked in your room doing unthinkable things to yourself and desperately need an excuse to travel...
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It's the Booze Talkin', We want to see Romero return to political horror!

One of my earliest memories of falling in love with horror was a certain iconic zombie flick. It was a day such as this, a gloomy sort of Los Angeles morning, and the shades were all shut on the windows to keep the place especially dark. On a crappy TV was the classic zombie thriller NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. Some of you may remember the old creature features that would run on...
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It's the Booze Talkin', Sometimes it's okay to remake a horror movie!

One of the must despised words in horror today is “remake.” It carries so much disdain that filmmakers and studios are constantly trying to call it anything else. It’s a reboot. It’s a reimagining. It’s a continuation. Whatever you want to call it, you are taking an existing property and placing new actors and, usually, a new script and making a...
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It's the Booze Talkin': Yo Hollywood! Let George A. Romero direct NON-zombie movies!

It is hard to think of a genre filmmaker who has had more of an impact than the great George A. Romero. After all, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD helped shape how modern cinema saw this classic monster. The atmospherically creepy black and white 1968 masterpiece featured a small group of survivors fighting off a savage hoard of zombies in an abandoned farmhouse and it was sensational. The crude...
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Dissecting Actress Danielle Panabaker

“Danielle Panabaker” Buy MR. BROOKS here! Everybody loves the girl next door, especially if the said girl next door is in a horror movie. We’ve hit up a few Scream Queens in past articles of Dissecting the… , but there seemed to be one glaring omission that stops now: the lovely Danielle Panabaker. From THE CRAZIES to FRIDAY THE 13TH to THE WARD...
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The Crazies scribe Ray Wright sells psychological thriller The Widow to Vendome

Not quite up to the original, but what did you think of the 2010 remake of Romero's THE CRAZIES ? Depending on your answer, either blame or praise can be bestowed on Ray Wright, who co-wrote the screenplay for the redo. Anyway, Wright will now focus his attention on THE WIDOW , a spec script he just sold to Vendome Films, which will also finance as well as produce. The psychological...
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