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Cool Horror Videos: AITH's Killer Guide To Horror: The Creeper!

As we leave you for Thanksgiving, this month's installment of  AITH's KILLER GUIDE TO HORROR focuses on a creature that not only likes to eat man-meat, but also likes to sniffs its underwear beforehand! They say he smells "fear", I say he smells something else. But I digress. Yes I speak of THE CREEPER from the JEEPERS CREEPERS series (well two films that...
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Thanksgiving Face-Off: Leatherface Vs. The Creeper

It feels like a holiday miracle that the crappy Friday the 13th remake actually got some minor love with our last Face-Off . It seems that the majority disagreed with the outcome that had Ken Kirzinger beating Derek Mears as the better Jason. I will say this to the Mears supporters: sorry your guy lost, but go ahead and look back at the categories. It takes more than just how a slasher...
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The Creeper returning? Jeepers Creepers 3 reportedly close to becoming reality

Victor Salva has been working for ten years to get a third installment of his JEEPERS CREEPERS franchise off of the ground. It's a shame it has taken this long as the first film was quite the hit, both in theaters and on the home video market, and the second one grossed $63 million worldwide on a budget of $17 million. Fans have been clamoring for more and it's truly...
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