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Tom Hardy has signed on to play Venom, Ruben Fleischer directing!

The last we talked about the upcoming Marvel flick VENOM was back in March when we let you guys know that the plan was for the new version of the character to have his own flick and that it was set to be a hard, R-rated horror movie! Today we have news that, quite possibly, could be even cooler than that. Today we have the news that none other than (new) Mad Max himself Tom Hardy...
6 days ago
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Dissecting Christopher Nolan!

CHRISTOPHER NOLAN! Cannot wait! T-minus 10 days until the official launch of Christopher Nolan's INTERSTELLAR. F*ck yeah, friends! Really, is there a more anticipated genre joint of A-list prestige touching-down this year? If so, I can't think of one. Real shite, Chris Nolan has become the preeminent purveyor of artistic commerce - blending high and low brow,...
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Kill of the Day: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

You know I never really thought THE DARK KNIGHT RISES had a fair shot. I mean, how in the hell do you follow up a movie like THE DARK KNIGHT? While RISES didn't come close to THE DARK KNIGHT I still think it's a phenomenal movie. That's just this schmuck's opinion. Today THE DARK KNIGHT RISES makes it's debut here on Kill of the Day. Personally this scene was one of my favorite of the...
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AITH Podcast: The Best of 2012 Show! Plus, Looper and Killer Joe reviewed!

LISTEN TO THE AITH PODCAST NOW! Blood Bullets & Broads: The AITH Podcast rocks in the first podcast of 2013 by taking a look back at our favorite films of 2012 (6:06). We start things off with the Netflix Instant Queue Movie of the Week with THE GREY (9:05), a film that landed in both of our Top 10 lists. After Liam Neeson gets...
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