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TV Review: American Horror Story: Coven (Season 3, Episode 7: November 20, 2013)

Join us every Thursday as review the latest episode... EPISODE: The Dead THE SCOOP: A purgatorial three-way goes down. Queenie is slowly becoming indoctrinated by Marie Laveau, while Fiona and The Axeman reveal an interesting interpersonal past. The Following May Contain Minor-To-Major Spoilers. If You've Not Seen This Episode, It Might be Wisest To...
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Awesome new trailer for The Dead 2: India

Even if you weren't a huge fan of the Ford Brothers 2010 international hit THE DEAD, you absolutely must check out the latest trailer for their sequel, THE DEAD 2: INDIA. It definitely sold me on wanting to check this one out as soon as the opportunity presents itself to me. We've heard a lot of really positive buzz for this one and it's become quite the festival hit, so...
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Poster reveal for the Ford Brothers The Dead 2: India

The Ford Brothers, the British director, writer and producer team behind the Indian-set zombie road movie THE DEAD 2: INDIA, have released the official poster ahead of its sell-out opening night world premiere at Film4 FrightFest 2013, and we have it for you to check out below! You may remember that we shared the first trailer to this exciting-looking sequel with you back in...
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Kill of the Day: The Dead (2010)

In today's day and age it's pretty tough to come up with a solid zombie kill that hasn't been done already. Sure you can do something pretty random like drop a piano on a zombie and it would be fresh (well not anymore...) but for the most part, it's pretty much been done before. With that being said I have learned to appreciate a good headshot scene in a zombie flick. That's way today's...
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First trailer for the Ford Brothers' The Dead 2: India

The Ford Brothers, the British director, writer and producer team behind the acclaimed African-set zombie road movie THE DEAD, are now in post-production on THE DEAD 2: INDIA, the first-ever International production of a zombie film shot in India, and we have your first look at the flick with the first official trailer below. THE DEAD 2: INDIA follows the story of American...
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