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It's the Booze Talkin'; We welcome the return of Puppet Master!

How many of you remember Full Moon Entertainment? I sure as hell do. While several of the fine feature films they released weren’t all that inspired, there were certainly a few charming tales of terror to excite genre fans. Some of you may recall THE LURKING FEAR, CASTLE FREAK, ROBOT WARS or perhaps MANDROID. They may be cheesy, but they kept putting these suckers out. Probably...
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Guillermo del Toro discusses developing DC's Dark Universe

Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Etrigan The Demon, John Constantine, The Spectre, Deadman-- you put all these guys in one movie and my horror loving head is bound to explode. Nevertheless, Guillermo del Toro is making plans to do just that on behalf of DC and Warner Bros with DARK UNIVERSE. DARK UNIVERSE (currently the film's working title) is among the zillions of projects del Toro is...
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