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Where in the Horror are they Now? Andrew Divoff!

ANDREW DIVOFF THEN : For the past few decades the world of horror has been blessed with some inspired demons to haunt our dreams. From Freddy Krueger to Michael Myers or Pinhead to Jason Voorhees, these monsters of mayhem have satisfied fans looking to get their scary on. However, there is one delicious demon that deserves credit thanks to the perfect actor taking...
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Kill of the Day: Wishmaster (1997)

One franchise I've always been a big fan of was the WISHMASTER franchise. Say what you guys want about these films but they were always a fun time! I mean if you think about cheesy horror of the 90s this franchise is what should come to mind! An evil genie?? Perfect! For today's Kill of the Day we're once again hitting Robert Kurtzman's original film. In honor of Valentine's Day in...
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