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Where in the Horror are they Now? Rose McGowan!

ROSE McGOWAN     THEN: The very first time I laid eyes on Rose McGowan, she said “F*ck.” It was in the shockingly bizarre THE DOOM GENERATION (1995) and I was immediately smitten. At the time, I had missed her in ENCINO MAN (1992) and BIO-DOME (1996) so I hadn’t seen her Pauly Shore close encounters. It didn’t matter though, because...
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Horror Whores: The Doom Generation (1995)

One chick that I never really found jaw-dropping was Rose McGowan. I know, the chick is sexy... but she never really did it for me. Until now! With today's Horror Whores I am now a huge fan of McGowan's. It's funny though because today's scene, which comes from the 90s flick THE DOOM GENERATION, isn't anything special. But McGowan is just so damn sexy in it... I'm sold! Tap that shite...
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