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Cool Horror Videos: AITH's Top 10 Best Exorcism Movies

This past week saw the release of Scott Derrickson's DELIVER US FROM EVIL , a fun and creepy flick that The Arrow described as " THE EXORCIST meets SEVEN " in his review HERE . We felt this would be a great time to take a look back at our Top 10 favorite exorcism-themed flicks with the first installment of our latest video series, AITH PRESENTS THE TOP 10 ....
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Face-Off: The Exorcism of Emily Rose Vs. The Last Exorcism

It was nice to see a little mutual love for both Bloody Valentine's in our last Face-Off . I, too truly am a fan of both and it was tough picking a winner. The comments sort of balanced out the same way as well between the remake and the original. So much love! With The Last Last Exorcism, I mean The Last Exorcism 2 (how paradoxical) opening this past Friday, it only felt right to...
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