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Face-Off: Insidious Chapter 2 Vs. Insidious Chapter 3

The conversation was quite vibrant in regard to our last start of summertime Face-Off which had Prom Night edging out I Know What You Did Last Summer. Some agreed that Jamie Lee's old school slasher had the style and scares to achieve victory, while some defended the evident fun to be found in Last Summer (despite it's crappy third act). All responses were much appreciated! For...
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Face-Off: Dead Silence Vs. Insidious

It was a thrill seeing that everyone had a roar-some time with our our last ode-to- PACIFIC RIM (which also was incredible) Face-Off . The majority did agree with me that Godzilla was the rightful winner over King Kong, so I'm glad that pressing, worldwide debate can be put to rest. Today's spooky Face-Off pays homage to the great James Wan who has gifted and perhaps even elevated...
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