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Eric Red's The Wolves of El Diablo (Book Review)

ORDER THE WOLVES OF EL DIABLO HERE PLOT: Not long for a world of peaceful respite, our trio of heat-packing pistoleros - aka The Guns of Santa Sangre - are drug back into a hellish world of werewolf incursion. This time however, they must fight in, aboard and atop a 200-ton steam locomotive full of pure silver. The Wolves of El Diablo await! REVIEW: Four years after...
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Eric Red's The Men Who Walk Like Wolves novels up for pre-order

Eric Red has a lot of great film credits to his name ( THE HITCHER , NEAR DARK , BLUE STEEL , BODY PARTS , BAD MOON , 100 FEET , the list goes on), and he is also an author, having written about such nightmarish topics as a serial killer truck driver (in WHITE KNUCKLE ) and an aquatic alien terrorizing a submarine ( IT WAITS BELOW ). Red is also responsible for the extremely cool...
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Cool cover art for Eric Red's werewolf/western novel The Wolves of El Diablo

The wild west is about to get a whole lot wilder. Fans of THE HITCHER screenwriter/ BAD MOON director/all-around cool dude Eric Red may be familiar with his 2013 werewolf Western novel THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE (GET IT HERE - WORTH EVERY PENNY)! Well that deranged masterpiece is getting a sequel this fall:  THE WOLVES OF EL DIABLO . As if that wasn't already...
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Win a free audiobook copy of Eric Red's The Guns of Santa Sangre!

Hey all, I hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving day! I am sure that you are all still disgesting as I type this. Being that you're in a sedative state, what better time than to launch a contest! In keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving, writer/director/author  ERIC RED and AITH are giving away 5 free copies of his book THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE in...
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The Guns of Santa Sangre, by Eric Red, gets a book trailer

Eric Red's western-horror novel THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE , which is about a team of hired guns battling a pack of vicious werewolves, hits next month, and to grow your hunger a little, we've got a nifty book trailer to share. Red, of course, is the writer behind such titles as THE HITCHER and NEAR DARK HERE . Here's the full synopsis: They're hired guns. The best at...
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Book Review: The Guns of Santa Sangre (Written by Eric Red)

Pre-order THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE here PLOT: Under a full moon, a hardened trio of Pistoleros are tasked with ridding a Mexican village of a rabid wolf-men infestation. REVIEW: The great Eric Red has wasted little time pounding out his second novel, THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE, which I'm happy to report is an utterly enjoyable read! If his first novel DON'T STAND SO...
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Winners! Win an autographed copy of The Guns of Santa Sangre by Eric Red!

CONTEST IS OVER! THE WINNERS ARE: Bryan Yentz, Chris Kemp and Danny Dagenais  Congrats gents and thanks to all who entered!  "In our mythos of the Old West, there are bad guys and even badder guys. But Eric Red's are the biggest, baddest guys of all." Jack Ketchum’s (The Woman, Off Season) We have a groovy contest for...
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Eric Red's The Guns of Santa Sangre coming from Samhain Publishing

We all know Eric Red as the writer of THE HITCHER and NEAR DARK , or from his directorial work on BODY PARTS , BAD MOON and 100 FEET , but the jack-of-all-trades is also an accomplished author whose latest work, " The Guns of Santa Sangre ", will soon be available from Samhain Publishing. If you're a fan of the written word like I am then you are probably aware that Samhain...
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