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New deets on The Host 2 pop up, including writer, director & release date

Back in November, we previewed some test footage for THE HOST 2 , the long awaited sequel to Bong Joon-ho's exceptional 2006 monster-movie. Now, it seems some production info has come to light, including an approximated release date. Peep it... Word from Twitch is Korean filmmaker Im Pil-sung (HANSEL & GRETEL, DOOMSDAY BOOK) has completed a script for THE HOST 2, which will be...
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More Host 2 footage revealed in Macrograph showreel

Monster movies, by very definition, can get a pass in the narrative department if they feature a cool enough creature. For me, I wasn't huge on THE HOST'S family melodrama, but I dug the monster enough to warm up to the flick. Based on the new footage from the film below, I'm probably going to be suckered into digging the second one. I can't help myself! The first footage showed off...
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