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Dissecting Naomi Watts!

NAOMI WATTS! Who doesn't love the hell out of Naomi Watts? Honestly. The gorgeous and talented English-Aussie import, whose surname perfectly reflects her luminosity and ever-radiant onscreen energy, has certainly loved the horror genre since busting onto the scene in the mid 90s. Consider the pedigree. Working with the likes of Joe Dante, Peter Jackson, Michael...
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Top 10 Weather Related Genre Flicks!

Oh baby, the big one is at our doorstep. The mega-quake. The Richter buster. SAN ANDREAS. Real shit, it seems not even Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson can avert this here Earthly rock from tectonically shifting into itself at calamitous proportions. At least, that's what the trailers for the epic, marvelously massive natural disaster flick that looks to open and engulf the masses this Friday...
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Juan Antonio Bayona set for mysterious sci-fi project at Warner Bros.

Juan Antonio Bayona, who recently directed the tsunami drama THE IMPOSSIBLE, and before that the Guillero del Toro-produced THE ORPHANAGE , has lined up his latest project: an unitlted sci-fi epic, which will be produced by Warner Bros. Unfortunately, we don't know anything about the plot; WB is keeping that sucker under wraps. What is clear is that it was written by Eric Roth,...
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