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DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates: NOVEMBER & DECEMBER 2016!

The Halloween season is behind us - R.I.P. - but now it's time to get ready for the holidays. We know you're just going to wanna stockpile Blu-rays, so let's take a look at what's on tap for November and December! November will bring us a lot of good stuff: Scream Factory will wrap up BUBBA HO-TEP for us, while also giving us a Cronenbergian double feature with  DEAD RINGERS...
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DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates: OCTOBER & NOVEMBER 2016

Y'all ready for SHOCKtober?! It's our favorite time of the year, and we know that you - just like us - are celebrating Halloween all damn month! Let's see what's on tap for Blu-ray/DVD, shall we? In a fitting tribute right after the man's death, we have the incredible 17 disc (!) Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast ; after you're done feasting on that, check out Criterion's edition of...
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AITH Podcast: Devil's Pass, R.I.P.D, The Initiation, and Carrie reviews!

LISTEN TO THE AITH PODCAST NOW! Blood Bullets & Broads: The AITH Podcast is going back to school in the most figurative way possible as we take on horror movies that take place at school... or at least, we try. So we take on THE INITIATION (4:53) and drool over Daphne Zuniga, and we even catch a glimpse of George Clooney in RETURN TO HORROR HIGH (15:38), but...
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