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Top 10 Horror Movie Islands!

Show of hands, how many of you have already punched your ticket to KONG: SKULL ISLAND this weekend? Seems a worthy investment considering how well received the flick has been so far. Take the plunge and report back with what you saw. But in the interim, we're going to be doing a little traveling of our own, and doing so with one question in mind: what makes an island setting such a perfect one...
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Dissecting Scarlett Johansson!

ACTRESS SCARLETT JOHANSSON! Seriously, is there a sexier person in pictures these days than Scarlett Johansson? I truly doubt it. Sultry, sensual, zaftig...whatever adjective you choose to describe this utter force of nature, it hardly does the woman justice. Personally speaking, I think Scarlett is currently the closest thing we have to a modern day Marilyn Monroe,...
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