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Watch The Jeffrey Dahmer Files on VOD today

IFC Midnight's THE JEFFREY DAHMER FILES is now playing in select theaters and VOD where you can take a deeper look at what happened in the summer of 1991 when an ordinary man from Milwaukee murdered 17 people. Directed by Chris James Thompson, THE JEFFREY DAHMER FILES explores those horrible events with archival footage and interviews with the people who knew the infamous serial killer....
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Prepare to be creeped out by this clip from The Jeffrey Dahmer Files

As fans of the horror genre we certainly love our slashers, killers and mass murdering madmen, but it is the real life psychos that prove to be the most frightening of them all. While we would never celebrate the crimes of these sick bastards, it is always interesting to be able to look at what makes them tick. That's why we're looking forward to checking out the upcoming IFC documentary...
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Chilling trailer and poster for The Jeffrey Dahmer Files

In a few weeks, IFC will release what appears to be the definitive look at one of America's most notorious serial killers with THE JEFFREY DAHMER FILES , a documentary about the days leading up to and following the madman's arrest. (There is also some reenactments for dramatic effect.) Today we're sharing the film's poster and trailer, the latter of which is courtesy of
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IFC gives release dates to My Amityville Horror and the Jeffrey Dahmer Files

IFC has two heavy duty documentaries on their plate, and they're ready to share them with us in 2013. Thanks to Fangoria, we know when the world will be able to behold MY AMITYVILLE HORROR and THE JEFFREY DAHMER FILES ... That is, if we're prepared for them. DAHMER will be unleashed on VOD and in select theaters FEBRUARY 15th. Meanwhile, AMITYVILLE hits VOD and select theaters...
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