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Cool Horror Videos: David Lynch's La La Land

This is a work of fuc*ing art.  Although I haven't seen LA LA LAND , there have been people threatening to hold me down and finally watch it with them. I've been on the fence about it. I mean the only musical I've ever really enjoyed was CHICAGO, and that was way back in 2001. So the chances that some (smart, lovely, beautiful) chick finally gets me to watch the...
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It's the Booze Talkin': Eff These Unrelated Sequels!

I enjoy a good sequel just as much as the next guy, especially if there is more story to tell or cool characters to tag along another round of events with. For horror fans, our criteria of what is required for a sequel is actually pretty low: a single character (Freddy, Jason, Chucky, Michael, Pinhead, etc…) can be the only reason to have sequel after sequel after sequel (after...
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The second coming is upon us in new Last Exorcism Part II poster!

One flick I have higher hopes for than I perhaps should is THE LAST EXORCISM PART II , Ed Glass-Donnelly's continuation of Daniel Stamm's 2010 chiller. Upon us on March 1st, Yahoo! Movies has just unrolled the first of no doubt many posters for the flick. As you can see, Ashley Bell's body is contorted by the Second Coming. Poor girl! Also starring Louis Herthum, Spencer Treat...
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