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Screenwriter says The Legend of Conan is dead, Schwarzenegger disagrees

News has been quiet regarding the third Conan film THE LEGEND OF CONAN ever since we brought you the news screenwriter Chris Morgan said the film would be "a worthy sequel" back in August. Well, today we have some further news as Morgan recently stopped by EW to discuss his new film THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS and the conversation eventually turned towards updates on THE...
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Screenwriter Will Beall says Legend of Conan will be a worthy sequel

The long-awaited  THE LEGEND OF CONAN still has no director attached, but it's in active development. Says screenwriter Will Beall: "Chris [Morgan] and I are continuing to hone. I think that’s going to be a great movie actually.” The AQUAMAN writer also revealed an important detail about the film, which will feature Arnold Schwazenegger...
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Schwarzenegger says the search is on for a Conan director

The last time we heard about THE LEGEND OF CONAN, the film that will see Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising the role of the titular Robert E. Howard hero more than thirty years after the release of CONAN THE DESTROYER, producer Chris Morgan referred to it as a barbarian version of UNFORGIVEN. The description Schwarzenegger gave of the idea at a Q&A last week seems to drive home the...
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Arnold Schwarzenegger talks Legend of Conan and The Running Man 2!

Arnold Schwarzenegger is still in the process of reclaiming his rightful title as cinematic badass, with uneven results. His turns in the EXPENDABLES movies were fun, and THE LAST STAND is outstanding (although no one actually saw it), but more recent efforts like SABOTAGE and ESCAPE PLAN just haven't been up to par. That said, when he graces the screen next summer, leather-clad and...
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Francis Ford Coppola says John Milius could return for The Legend of Conan

We all know that Arnold Schwarzenegger is game for returning to his barbarian roots for THE LEGEND OF CONAN (aka KING CONAN), which is aiming for a Spring 2015 start date. But now legendary director Francis Ford Coppola has shared that CONAN THE BARBARIAN director John Milius could be up for stepping into the director's chair for the long-awaited follow-up. THE GODFATHER...
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King Conan, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, aiming for a Spring 2015 shoot

One film we're really stoked to see happen is KING CONAN, aka THE LEGEND OF CONAN, and we've been doing all we can to keep you informed on the status of the film, bringing you all the latest news as we hear it. A few months back we reported that Universal is still excited to see this film head in front of the cameras, and we certainly share their enthusiasm for the project....
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Awesome Cannes poster for King Conan, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

We've been doing our damndest to keep you up-to-date on KING CONAN, aka THE LEGEND OF CONAN, as it's one film that we feel absolutely needs to be made. And why shouldn't it? With action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising his classic role it should make mega-bank at the box office and make fans of the CONAN series very happy. We most recently reported that Universal is...
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Universal still excited to make The Legend of Conan with Schwarzenegger

The great Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest action flick SABOTAGE suffered a dismal opening but that hasn't stopped Universal from looking ahead to a film many of you would be stoked to see finally happen: THE LEGEND OF CONAN, aka KING CONAN (a title that I prefer!). Now our pals over at TheArnoldFans have gotten word from producer Fredrick Malmberg and scriptwriter Andrea Berloff...
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Andrea Berloff on The Legend of Conan script, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

Back in October we learned that the long-awaited THE LEGEND OF CONAN had found its writer in Andrea Berloff who is best known for scripting WORLD TRADE CENTER and most recently adapted the French action film SLEEPLESS NIGHT for Warner Bros. THE LEGEND OF CONAN is about as far away from those two films as you can get, so would Berloff be up to the tall task? The folks over at The...
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The Legend of Conan lands a new writer

So it certainly seems that the long-awaited THE LEGEND OF CONAN is moving forward, with recent updates giving us a lot of reasons to be excited. I know that I've been stoked to see this happen and knowing that Arnold Schwarzenegger is onboard to reprise his iconic role makes this easily one of my most anticipated films. The only thing that could be better would be to crush my...
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Arnold Schwarzenegger 'very involved' with The Legend of Conan; latest updates

Back in July we had heard that ' the constellation is aligning ' for Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to the iconic role of Conan with THE LEGEND OF CONAN moving forward with producer Fredrick Malmberg updating that screenwriting duties had recently fallen into the hands of the team behind the recent FAST & FURIOUS entries with the hope of starting a whole new franchise....
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'The constellation is aligning' for The Legend of Conan - latest developments show promise

Like many of you, we're stoked about the potential to see another entry into the CONAN franchise, especially with the return of the barbarian himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to take the throne. We've already shared that many directors are jumping at the chance to helm THE LEGEND OF CONAN, with names such as Paul Verhoeven expressing their desire to direct. And our very own The...
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